Have you been charged or arrested for driving under the influence (DUI)? Wondering what to do next? Call Tundis & Lester Attorneys at Law. Our experienced attorneys can help you through the difficult and stressful situation that is your DUI case.

A DUI is a serious matter for you and can affect many important aspects of your life. Our firm is dedicated to handling your case with the utmost care and sensitivity to the issues that are important to you, while vigorously defending you and your rights throughout.

It is important that if you are cited, arrested or charged with driving under the influence that you contact Tundis & Lester Attorneys at Law immediately so that we can help you with all possible aspects of your case. Your DUI case will have two components, one is the criminal case brought by the State. There are many aspects to the criminal case that we will investigate, from the initial stop, to the field testing, and the final blood alcohol test, all of which must be performed pursuant to certain standards. Our experienced and trained attorneys know these requirements and have the resources to defend you.

The second is the administrative hearing with the DMV. The DMV hearing is an important aspect of your case because without reserving a hearing within 10 days your license will automatically be suspended without an opportunity to defend yourself. This is why you MUST ACT FAST and CALL NOW!

If you have been cited, arrested or charged with a DUI call Tundis & Lester Attorneys at Law today at 909-985-9643 to speak with an attorney and to set up a free consultation.  We will discuss your case and the necessary steps to defend your rights and your future.