Safeguard Your Family’s Future with Estate Planning

When you pass away, make sure your remaining family members have a secure financial future and don’t have to worry about how your property will be divided. From real estate and high-value property to bank accounts and stocks, our estate planning attorney is able to help you draft a sturdy will that outlines exactly how you want your assets to be divided after your death. At Tundis & Lester Attorneys at Law in Upland, California, an estate planning law professional is able to help you provide for your family even after you’re gone. In addition to estate matters, we handle personal injury and business cases.

Draft and Finalize Your Will to Provide for Your Family

Your final will and testament is a legally binding document that communicates how you want your assets to be divided after your death. An estate planner can help you draft and finalize this document in a way that leaves little room for confusion. This is an effective way to reduce some of the stress for your family after your death, and to ensure that your wishes are fully understood. A probate lawyer handles all the arrangements from taking inventory of your assets, to paying the necessary taxes and fees to the state.

Create a Trust to Secure Your Children’s Futures

A trust is a fund created for a specific person or group with special requirements for its dispersal. In most cases, a trust is created for a minor beneficiary to provide for their educational or living expenses once they reach a certain age. Our estate planning services are the ideal way to create a trust for your loved ones and to ensure that it is properly managed by a trustworthy guardian until your loved ones meet the requirements for dispersal of the funds.

The Importance of Having a Legal Will Finalized

Having a will finalized by a qualified lawyer is an important part of securing your loved ones’ financial futures. In addition to dividing your assets, it helps reduce stress among your remaining family members after your death. When you draft a clear and concise will with an estate planner, there is very little room for confusion or argument among your relatives. This often helps ensure that you will be remembered positively and peacefully.

Providing Quick Turnaround for Your Peace of Mind

Our law firm understands the urgency often felt with estate planning matters. Whether you’re changing your will or drafting one for the first time, you want to make sure it is finalized in the event of an unexpected accident or some other unfortunate occurrence. Our estate planning attorney is able to help you draft and finalize your will quickly and carefully to provide you with peace of mind.

When you’re ready to begin drafting your will or trust, get in touch with our estate planning team to discuss your options.