Real Estate Lawyers Assisting You in Many Areas

Owning and selling real estate is a profitable venture in the 21st century. Unfortunately, property laws can be complex, so it’s best to retain the services of a real estate lawyer. At Tundis & Lester Attorneys at Law, we provide thorough representation in a wide variety of real estate law, family law, and business representation areas. Whether you’re purchasing your first home or selling your one hundredth piece of land, a real estate attorney at our firm in Upland, California, is able to help you draft and finalize the necessary documents and handle any concerns along the way.

Finalizing Purchases and Sales of Property

Make sure your real estate transactions are ironclad with assistance from a real estate law attorney. We’re able to help draft documents, deeds, and other relevant paperwork that describes the sale, purchase, and ownership of various types of property. Whether you’re buying or selling rural land, an urban or rural home, or commercial property in the heart of your city, having a real estate lawyer on your side is an effective way to make sure you aren’t taken advantage of.

Helping Resolve Property Disputes Amicably

If you and a neighbor are in a dispute about where your property ends and theirs begins, get in touch with our real estate law firm for assistance. We have more than 35 years of experience in real estate legal cases and are able to help you resolve any of your property disputes in an amicable and beneficial way for parties whenever possible. In addition, settling your property disputes with legal assistance is the best way to ensure that the agreement you reach will stand up before a judge should you ever reach another disagreement.

Firm Representation in Landlord-Tenant Relations

Managing a property for renters is a lucrative source of income for many people, but it also comes with many responsibilities. As a landlord, there are many state and federal laws you must follow regarding who you rent to, how much you charge for rent, the condition of your buildings, eviction proceedings, and a variety of other issues.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with your tenants or with your landlord, our real estate lawyers are able to help you reach a resolution. Whether you’re disputing an eviction or you need to defend your decision to deny housing to someone, we have the skills and experience to represent you in court.

Reach out to our friendly staff when you’re in need of a real estate attorney for any reason.